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Focus on the breathing and go from there.


Social Media Gangsters

Wise guys with smartphones, fuhgeddaboudit.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Frank Howley, Matthew Bruce, Matt Adams, Robert K. Smith, Connor Wiley, and Nathan Barrios
VFX by Robert K. Smith

Future Realities through Quantum Understanding

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indestinguishable from magic"

-Arthur C. Clarke 

I looked for a definition to show a decent understanding of quantum physics, but with so many unknown factors, explaining quantum physics from my standpoint as someone studying on my own time without going to, “school” is something tricky to achieve. Just as tricky as understanding these new principles of physics we are beginning to understand.

With my own personal understanding, thinking at a quantum scale requires the imagination to be working at full capacity, to try and find the natural constants that exist somewhere within an infinite/conceptual space. Every step towards realizing technologies that operate with quantum mechanical principles, goes in hand with every step we make in further understanding ourselves through our ability to create.

Let the magic begin. 

(click for video)

This video clearly illustrated to me what I’ve always believed is possible. Levitation, as Boaz describes, can be understood by using new language to conceptualize the discovery of Quantum Locking. Also, we’ve frozen light for a full minute recently. So if you can imagine designing a computer that works at a quantum speed, the quickest way to receive information would be at the speed of light, harnessed by the, “freezing” of light in a finite space.

In fact the finite space used was a crystal… so If that doesn’t sound cool to you I don’t know what is.

Now use your imagination… imagine the possibilities we have ahead of us, combining and exploring these new technologies. The fact alone that this information is publicly available to all those who seek it, is a testament for where we’re headed as a civilization. I know the utopia of free energy, flying saucers, and quantum computers won’t be my reality tomorrow or the day after, my job now is to paint the expressions of that box we’re beginning to open. All I know is as long as I’m doing my job expressing myself, so will Boaz Almog and every other pioneer working for the benefit of our human legacy towards a brighter future.